Write about louis braille book

I heartily recommend anything by Ms. Davidson, and this little book is no exception. As with her biography on Thomas A. Edison, the subject of this book had to overcome great obstacles.

Write about louis braille book

At the age of three, the child was playing with some of the tools, trying to make holes in a piece of leather with an awl. Squinting closely at the surface, he pressed down hard to drive the point in, and the awl glanced across the tough leather and struck him in one of his eyes.

A local physician bound and patched the affected eye and even arranged for Braille to be met the next day in Paris by a surgeon, but no treatment could save the damaged organ. In agony, the young boy suffered for weeks as the wound became severely infected; an infection which then spread to his other eye, likely due to sympathetic ophthalmia.

write about louis braille book

He learned to navigate the village and country paths with canes his father hewed for him, and he grew up seemingly at peace with his disability. Because of his combination of intelligence and diligence, Braille was permitted to attend one of the first schools for blind children in the world, the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, [8] since renamed to the National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris.

He designed and manufactured a small library of books for the children using a technique of embossing heavy paper with the raised imprints of Latin letters. Because the raised letters were made in a complex artisanal process using wet paper pressed against copper wire, the children could not hope to "write" by themselves.

It was a slow and cumbersome process, but the boy could at least trace the letters' outlines and write his first sentences. They were laboriously constructed, very fragile, and expensive to obtain: To him, the books presented a system which would be readily approved by educators and indeed they seemed — to the sighted — to offer the best achievable results.

Braille and his schoolmates, however, could detect all too well the books' crushing limitations.

write about louis braille book

He proved to be a highly proficient student and, after he had exhausted the school's curriculum, he was immediately asked to remain as a teacher's aide.

Byhe was elevated to a full professorship. For much of the rest of his life, Braille stayed at the Institute where he taught history, geometry, and algebra. Later in life, his musical talents led him to play the organ for churches all over France.

In his own words: We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals — and communication is the way this can be brought about.

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Some sources depict Braille learning about it from a newspaper account read to him by a friend, [20] while others say the officer, aware of its potential, made a special visit to the school. These impressions could be interpreted entirely by the fingers, letting soldiers share information on the battlefield without having light or needing to speak.

He made uniform columns for each letter, and he reduced the twelve raised dots to six. He published his system inand by the second edition in he had discarded the dashes because they were too difficult to read.May 18,  · But knowing how to write and read braille you can communicate with blind people.


So if you know how to write it or read it then that's really good for you. Louis Braille was blind and became blind when he was 3 years old by an accident in his dads work shop. He was playing with an awl (a sharp tool that cuts holes.) and it.

The Louis Braille Online Resource provides information about Louis Braille and the braille code he created. Louis Braille was fifteen years old when he developed his raised dot method of reading and writing. He called it "my alphabet." His alphabet is now called braille in .

In , Louis Braille first published the raised-dot code that would revolutionize the lives of blind people. With this electronic publication, the National Federation of the Blind is pleased to present Braille's book in a format readily accessible to the blind. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

How To Read and Write Braille Alphabet Letters & Numbers - Grade 1: Step By Step PRINTED Braille Language Workbook For Beginners-Not Including Contracted Braille Signs.

Louis Braille (/ b r eɪ l / (listen); French: ; 4 January – 6 January ) was a French educator and inventor of a system of reading and writing for use by the blind or visually impaired. His system remains virtually unchanged to this day, and is known worldwide simply as vetconnexx.com: 4 January , Coupvray, France.

Jan 01,  · Louis Braille is a short, simple, though in-depth book written for young children about Louis Braille. When young Louis was only three years old, he disobeyed his father and used a sharp awl. It slipped and hit his eye, and soon both eyes were infected.4/5.

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