Woody allen earl monroe essay

Plot[ edit ] Miles Monroe Woody Allena jazz musician and owner of the "Happy Carrot" health-food store inis subjected to cryopreservation without his consent, and not revived for years. They are members of an underground rebellion.

Woody allen earl monroe essay

At first the idea seemed provocative, but then the thought of traveling around, and the time required to do a good job, not to mention the disappointment of the Knicks not making the playoffs, rendered the whole notion unappealing. I was filming a comic sequence for my movie, Annie Hall, in which certain actors, including myself, played basketball against the Knicks.

Woody allen earl monroe essay

He said it had meant something to him and that had carried it around and showed it to friends. That was two Woody allen earl monroe essay ago and it was the first and last time I met or spoke with Earl Monroe for any reason.

I have always envied this gift and have often said that if I could live life over as someone else it would be wonderful to be Sugar Ray Robinson or Willie Mays.

With my luck, however, I would undoubtedly wind up John Maynard Keynes. Assured finally that Monroe was thrilled about the cover story and even invited by the great man to his house in eager anticipation of a long chat, I agreed to meet him for a few hours on the weekend.

Of course, I knew there was also the outside chance that when I met the magician Earl Monroe he would be disappointing. Not with Groucho Marx, for instance, but with certain other comedians and film directors who shall remain nameless.

I did meet another magician who did not disappoint me. It was Stan Musial and he is indeed an amateur magician. For hours, in the bedroom at a party in Washington, D. It was quite thrilling to see the menacing left-handed slugger who had made my Brooklyn childhood miserable by lining one shot after another off of and over therightfield wall at Ebbets Field, produce from his wallet the restored ace of spades that I had moments before torn up.

Baseball, boxing, and the theater provided most of my entertainment. The theater has since become boring and there are no plays approaching the pleasure given by a good sporting event.

Even a game against a last-place team holds the possibility of thrills, whereas in the theater all seems relatively predictable.

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Baseball remains a joy for me, but basketball has emerged as the most beautiful of sports. In basketball, more than in virtually any other sport, personal style shines brightest. It allows for eccentric, individual play.

There is great room in basketball for demonstrable physical artistry that often can be compared to serious dance. So there I was in leafing through the sports section of a newspaper one day I still read that section first when I came across the name Earl Monroe.

I had never heard of Monroe, knew nothing of his daily rookie brilliance nor ever heard of his astounding feats at Winston-Salem. I just liked the name, free-floating, three syllables, and euphonious to me. On me it was kind of a funny name.

Monroe 34, Monroe 36, Monroe 24, Monroe 28, Monroe 40! I was impressed by the consistent high numbers and repeated his name every now and then like it was a mantra. It still sounded musical. I think I even recall seeing a picture of him on the cover of Sports Illustrated that year and thinking he was very interesting looking.

I want you to see this guy. By then I was more interested in basketball and had begun following the Knicks a little. They had made the playoffs and had captured the imagination of New York. I went and saw Monroe score 32 points against Walt Frazier.

This is Walt Frazier, mind you, who played the guard position as perfectly as it has ever been played and who was to be voted on the all-defensive team seven years running. He shoots without looking. My impressions of Monroe then?

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I immediately ranked him with Willie Mays and Sugar Ray Robinson as athletes who went beyond the level of sports and sport to the realm of sports as art.

Seemingly awkward and yet breathtakingly graceful, with an unimpressive physique, knobby knees, and the tiny ankles of a thoroughbred racehourse, Monroe in seasons would put on exhibiton after exhibition of simply magical shot-making.

They refer to his head fakes, shoulder fakes, spins, double pumps, stutter steps, hip shots, arms and legs flying in different directions at once, but these things in themselves do not sum up the ferocious rush he gives the audience. After all, there are players like Nate Archibald, Dave Bing, Walt Frazier, Julius Erving, Connie Hawkins, who have unusual grace, beauty, and excitement, and who also dip and twist and toss their bodies one way while their arms move another way as they hang in space.Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe is a big sporting hero of mine.

He was the best player to watch ever when I was first going to basketball and he has remained probably the most exciting.

A Fan's Notes on Earl Monroe The author came late to basketball. A profile of his favorite player: He creates a sense of danger in the arena and yet has enough wit in his style to bring off funny ideas when he wants to. Woody Allen Sport Jan 15 min Permalink. Feb 05,  · The woody allen character is often thought of as neurotic weak, but the real person, is constantly writing, and directing movies, playing his clarinet in jazz clubs, writing essays, doing stand of.

Monroe’s impact on popular culture was so great that filmmaker Woody Allen—a famously dedicated Knicks fan—wrote a memorable essay about how much the Baltimore-era Monroe meant to him. Monroe retired in and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in One of the telegrams was from her brother Terry, a student at Notre Dame University, warning: “Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.” In the popular singer-songwriter Jim Croce was profiled in the “Los Angeles Times”, and .

A Fan's Notes on Earl Monroe Toward the end of the basketball season, the editors of this magazine [ Sport ], aware of my interest in the game, called me and asked how I’d feel about covering the NBA playoffs for them.

Earl Monroe | American basketball player | vetconnexx.com