Why is huck finn important of american literature

An illiterate, uneducated population is much more easily controlled. In the 19th century, slaves were banned from learning to read English, and anyone caught attempting to teach a slave how to read was prosecuted. Throughout history, there have been numerous attempts to ban literature in the name of the public good. Governments throughout history have banned books that they said defamed, criticized, or otherwise struck the government as unsuitable.

Why is huck finn important of american literature

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A century of movies, cartoons, comic books, songs, and abridged editions have told Americans that Huck Finn is about how free and innocent childhood used to be. But there were gangs in Victorian America, school shootings, anxieties about children being exposed to violent pop culture. There were parents worried their kids studied too hard, stayed indoors too much, and never exercised.

Why is huck finn important of american literature

And Twain was writing about all that. In American high schools and colleges, Huck Finn is taught as an important, if controversial, book about race. For some, it is an inspiring story about how blacks and whites work together to find freedom.

For others, its use of racial slurs and stereotypes make it unteachable, if not unreadable.

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If Huck Finn was a book about race, however, few in the nineteenth-century seemed to know it. Most contemporary reviews of the book ignored race entirely.

No black newspaper -- and there were dozens in the U. If anything, Huck Finn is a sly, conflicted fable about how the country often moves sideways, even backwards, on racial equality. For modern readers concerned about inequality in arrest and incarceration rates, prison labor practices, and the retraction of civil rights for ex-prisoners, the last third of Huck Finn is a painful reminder that such patterns have been features of the justice system since the Civil War.

The Huck Finn we know is actually just the surviving vestige of a multimedia project, a century ahead of its time, and absolutely groundbreaking: Akin to modern movie releases, Twain planned to release a "game" for children alongside Huck Finn.

And he invented what might be regarded as the modern book tour to promote it. Or the modern rock tour, as he and author George Washington Cable traveled as the "Twins of Genius," and alongside readings from their books performed songs and stories they took from African-American sources, and performed with such Elvis-like verve that young women "blushed" and "fainted.

But if you told him Huck Finn was mandatory reading in most American schools, he might remind you that he taught his own children to read in English by forbidding them to do so, making books a secret and coveted pleasure.

Huck Finn was never meant to be a dusty classic palmed diffidently by teenagers between the hours of nine and three.

But contemporary young adult fiction, everything from Harry Potter to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the books our children devour for pleasure, would be unthinkable without its innovations. Huck and Tom are widely regarded as archetypal American boys -- but they might have some real girls as inspiration.

Twain and his wife Olivia raised three girls as he wrote Huck Finn. Mussolini loved it; Bismarck kept a copy handy, as did the Czarina of Russia. Senator Joe McCarthy tried to have it banned, saying it portrayed the South unfavorably.

A previous version of this post incorrectly omitted the word "percent" in the statistic "70 percent of all public school students [Huck Finn is considered an American Classic because it incorporates all of the aspects of American Culture into many "Adventures." From the dialogue of the unique characters in the book, to the.

Dec 03,  · When you learn more about American literature then you'll know why "Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn" is important.

Your teacher is trying to school you up on American literature; of course, if you know it all, then don't listen to your vetconnexx.com: Resolved.

Twain is mainly important for the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Many scholars consider it the greatest American novel ever written because it dealt with the humanity of African-Americans, It is funny, told from a child’s point of view but serious as it deals with race, greed, child abuse etc.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the American Odyssey. This comparison suggests that Huck Finn is an American epic, and I believe that Mark Twain sensed that’s what he was writing when he began it in But Mark Twain really did.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, published in , is considered by most to be Twain's masterpiece. The story follows Huck Finn as he helps Jim, a runaway slave, to escape along the Mississippi River.

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is widely considered one of the greatest American novels ever written, published in the U.S. in Its themes and moral lessons inspired controversy and continue to be targeted as a threat as "derogatory content" rather than for the important themes and lessons that it offers supporting social justice.

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