The chinese government should make steps in lessening the pollution problem

Air particulates with a diameter of 2. Small enough to penetrate human lung tissue, they can cause asthma, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. In most parts of China, PM 2. But despite these serious pollution levels and impacts, national air-quality standards in China have lacked requirements for monitoring PM 2.

The chinese government should make steps in lessening the pollution problem

The chinese government should make steps in lessening the pollution problem

Dan and I did have a chance to travel and to meet with local lawyers and business people. This gave us the chance to find a little of the reality behind the statements of aspiration expressed by government officials at the Summit.

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I will provide my observations below, organized in accord with the three stages of development described in my first post. I saw a remarkable change in the openness of the society. Some of the changes are quite striking.

Some of these changes are: The Internet seems to be completely open, at least for English language web sources.

All news sites that I accessed were unblocked. There was no attempt to filter news from unblocked sites. Karen and Kachin separatist sites were accessible.

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Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were all available. Internet cafes were open and were well attended. No one blocked my access to the Internet at such locations.

The chinese government should make steps in lessening the pollution problem

This is a complete change from even one year ago when the entire Internet was blocked. Cell phones are generally available and the people have taken to using cell phones actively.

Right or wrong, this shows the kind of optimism we were hearing. Newspapers and magazines are generally available. The situation in Rohinga was openly discussed. Aung Sang Su Kyi was widely quoted. Criticism of government corruption and bureaucratic incompetence was widely published.


Book publishing activity is exploding and I found a large number of well-stocked bookstores throughout the downtown area. Though technical books prevailed in numbers, there seemed to be no real restriction on book topics. Though all of these are just surface observations, they do show a remarkable opening up of civil society when compared to the closed system that prevailed only a year ago.

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The contrast with China is striking. After I left Yangon I went to Beijing where even at our five star hotel, Google news and Bloomberg news were not accessible. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter also were not available. Foreign news magazines were not available on the street and book topics were highly restricted.

The contrast was dramatic and telling. Banking and Foreign Exchange. In the old Myanmar, the visitor noticed three things about money. First, much of the economy ran on U. Second, there was a big difference between the official exchange rate and the unofficial or black market exchange rate.

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The first task for every traveler was to find a black market money-changer to obtain a reasonable rate of exchange. Third, the banks were primitive and positively hostile to foreigners. On this trip, all this had changed. Everywhere I went accepted payment in local currency kyat. Though many prices were quoted in dollars, no one insisted on payment in dollars.

The new, unified official exchange rate was working, and most people I met were exchanging their currency at the local banks rather than with the black market moneychangers.Aug 24,  · Good/clean technology can modify by lessening the Impact but bad technology can worsen it.

So in essense Americans are THE WORST polluters simply because we live in big houses, own 3+ cars per family, have lots of clothes, cell phones, TVs, computers etc etc.

These shocking photos reveal just how bad China's pollution problem has become. Believing that population growth was still hindering modernization, the Chinese government instituted the world's most restrictive family planning program.

Material incentives and penalties are now offered to encourage all parents to bear only one child. Mar 27,  · The rule essentially provided guidelines on whether anti-pollution laws would apply if, for example, a farmer dams a stream to make a pond for livestock or a developer fills in a marsh to build a.

Later they will write up their investigations using these steps. 1. Define the problem 2. , lessening flood damage further downstream. This activity will be used in conjunction with a unit on pollution of the environment.

Students should have reviewed the basic types of bacteria as indicators of pollution and possible sources of. Air pollution has made many cities in China "barely suitable for living," and is making the population sick — and angry China's massive pollution problem.

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