Steve jobs business presentation

Getty Images Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business storytellers of our time. Apple executives clearly agree and do their best to adopt his presentation style.

Steve jobs business presentation

Tweet Women business Leaders: Steve Jobs has something to teach you about presentations. Every presentation should do three things: Begin by storyboarding your presentation.

steve jobs business presentation

Plan your presentation with pen and paper. Steve Jobs will initially spend his preparation time brainstorming, sketching and whiteboarding before he every opens PowerPoint.

All of the elements of the story that he wants to tell are thought through, elements are planned and collected before the slides are created. Concise enough to fit in a character Twitter post.

It can be a problem in need of a solution. Your audience only care about how your service will improve their lives. Make the connection for your prospective clients. Stick to the rule of three for presentations. Almost every Jobs presentation is divided into three parts.

Sell dreams, not your services. He sells the promise of a better world. There are no bullet points in Steve Jobs presentations. Instead he relies on photographs and images.

Keep the presentation that simple. The bigger the number, the more important it is to find analogies or comparisons that make the data relevant to your audience. Steve Jobs spends hours rehearsing every facet of his presentation. Every slide is written like a piece of poetry, every presentation staged like a theatrical experience.

Yes, Steve Jobs makes a presentation look effortless but that polish comes after hours and hours of grueling practice. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.Steve Jobs was many things, including a master storyteller.

Presenting like he did isn't that difficult. You simply need to create and stick to a particular focus.

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Leave it to Apple (AAPL) Chief Executive Steve Jobs to create a frenzy that gripped every gadget fan in the country.

The hype, however, started with what I consider Jobs' best presentation to date—the introduction of the iPhone at the annual Macworld trade show in January. Steve Jobs was a person with prodigious creativity and astonishing ideas about what the future should look like. He was a renowned innovator who reshaped entire industries by his intellectual mind, innovative ideas and unmatchable will-power, that gave consumers not only what they desired, but what they didn’t yet think they desired.

Steve Jobs has something to teach small to midsize advertising, digital, media and PR agencies about pitching for new business. Every new business pitch should do three things: inform, educate and entertain. columnist, Carmine Gallo, is a communications coach for some of the world.

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