Romeo and juliet text transformation

Sir Philip Sidney states in his Apology for Poetry that poetry should both delight and teach, and both the text and the film serve this purpose well—each suited to the time in which they were presented. Shakespeare incorporated jokes of the time, mentions of royalty, and allusions to historical events in his plays. Luhrmann does this as well, pulling in numerous references to recent pop culture.

Romeo and juliet text transformation

While retaining the original script, Luhrman changed almost everything else; the music score, the setting, the visual style, costumes and the text type. As a result, he created an engaging style of entertainment for a young modern audience. The biggest risk Luhrman took in adapting Romeo and Juliet to the screen was the use of Shakespearean dialogue in a modern Latino setting.

It was a bold move, by which Luhrman divided audiences into those who either commended it and those who despised it. However it was recognised that Luhrman had succeeded in maintaining the integrity of the characters and plotline, creating a modern masterpiece.

The interpretation of the themes in both texts is true to the context of the time in which they are set. Apparent in the original text of the late 16th century are the patriarchal values held by society, the new spiritual and religious Romeo and juliet text transformation emerging through renaissance humanism, values in regards to marriage and gender roles and the strong religious presence in the Italian village of Verona.

Romeo and Juliet Transformation Essay We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. These contextual factors are carried through to the modern adaptation to a certain extent, but are adjusted to accommodate modern audiences.

The film adaptation is set in Verona Beach Miami: Luhrman also transformed swords into guns, friars into fathers, the prologue into a news flash and princes into police captains. Love in both texts is just as often a force of evil, as one of good.

It is the love that Romeo and Juliet share that forces them to irrational violence and both characters considered suicide on multiple occasions. Often when love is the focus in the film, there is a presence of water.

Romeo and juliet text transformation

For example, when Romeo meets Juliet they look at each other through a blue fish tank, and when they meet again in the balcony scene a water feature reflects watery light, and later, they fall into a swimming pool and embrace. The water and the presence of the colour blue in the love scenes bring an element of calm and peace.

The degree shot of the lovers in the elevator scene shows that to each other, Romeo and Juliet are all consuming.

Themes of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

While it is a deeply moving and beautifully filmed scene, it allows the audience time to also ponder the irrationality of the relationship between the two young lovers, especially in a modern context.

In other parts of the film, these scenes are juxtaposed with violence where predominantly red and orange sets are used for example when Mercutio gets shot. As a theme in both texts, violence often takes the form of vengeance and plays a big role in the action and drama of the play and the film.

In the original text, the battles were mostly swordfights, which at the time were almost as much participated in for sport as for settling quarrels. Occurrences of violence in Romeo and Juliet are almost always as a result of passion of some sort. In many cases, the passion causing the violence is love, and the line defining love as pure and good is blurred.

Angry vengeance drives many others to violence, and through these fiery fits of passion the characters are often disillusioned to the impacts their violent acts will have until after they have performed them.

Romeo and juliet text transformation

The aspect of the Hispanic versus Anglo racial conflict makes the play understandable to a modern film audience, and the gang violence keeps the importance of masculine honour tangible and believable. In the film, the swordfights are transformed into dramatic gun battles, and it is evident in the gas station fight scene that the violence has been choreographed, typically seen in Hollywood films.

While the religious symbols on the violent weapons are direct visual parallels to the theme of religion in the play, it also elucidates the proximity of evil and good in modern America. In his muscular approach to storytelling, Luhrman borrows from other master film makers like Scorsese, Tarantino and Lynch.

Gender roles at the time of the play were very conventional. Elizabethan society was unarguably a patriarchal society.

Romeo and Juliet Transformation Essay

The role of women was limited to domestic care. Most girls were married in their early teens and had little or no choice in husbands. These constraints caused problems for Juliet in her love of Romeo. It can be seen in the modern film adaptation, as well as in the original text, that the women in the play, notably Juliet, spend their time inside their houses or churches, whereas the boys spend a lot of their time out on the streets.

It would be easy for this practice to come across as alien and unfamiliar to a modern film audience, but the large amounts of danger and gang violence on the streets of contemporary Verona Beach serve as an explanation as to why young girls like Juliet are kept inside for protection.Romeo and Juliet Transformation Essay.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a play adapted extensively into films, musicals, and operas, itself borrowed from an Italian tale; The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke, and Palace of Pleasure by William Painter in Romeo and Juliet became one of Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedies.

Transformation-Romeo+Juliet (Shakespeare vs. Baz Luhrmann) Transformation is evident in the well known tragedy of Romeo and Juliet where Baz Luhrmann has reshaped Shakespeare’s original text and has modernised it into a film with a new context displaying the universality of the text.

Luhrmann has transformed many aspects in the storyline. was overlooked in the original text. A transformation goes further by dramatically altering the original text to the The many versions of Romeo and Juliet, for example, and. UnIT 2 Adaptations and Transformations 2.

and. William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet is fraught with metaphors! A metaphor is a form of figurative language which applies non-literal descriptions in order to draw comparisons between.

UnIT 2 Adaptations and Transformations 37 drAwing on sHAKespeAre Why are there so many adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays? Altering and adapting literary texts is nothing new. After all, many of Shakespeare’s plays were themselves reworkings of earlier folktales, stories and historical accounts. After meeting Juliet, Romeo's biggest transformation is that he changes from being depressed and sorrowful to joyful.

Otherwise, Romeo's character remains the same. Romeo remains a rash, emotionally driven, impetuous we first meet Romeo, he is emotionally torturing himself because he is in love with Rosaline who does not return his affection.

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