Orestia clytemnestra essays

Agamemnon There is a particular scene in "Agamemnon" that I always want to point to in order to show students the genius of Aeschylus as a tragic playwright. To really appreciate any of these ancient plays you really have to have an understanding the peculiar structure of the classic Greek drama. The better understanding you have of this structure, as well as the key elements of tragedy as delineated by Aristotle in his "Poetica," the more you can appreciate any of these plays, but "Agamemnon" in particular.

Orestia clytemnestra essays

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Is it ever right to kill? How can an unjust deed go unpunished? Who can hear me? Orestia clytemnestra essays as tragedy, at its very best, should be. Agamemnon is a modern politician, speaking with the weaselly turns of phrase that modern politicians speak with, giving the evasive reasons for making a controversial decision.

He put his faith in god and a dodgy dossier. His reward was not victory — as Agamemnon got — but catastrophic error. We are consuming an entire boxset of House of Cards in one sitting.

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They have happened before and they will happen again. The opening lines put the play into a religious context, just as ancient tragedy had performed as part of a festival to Dionysusand makes the case that though we call our gods by different names we still look to them to guide us.

Looking to something higher. Agamemnon and Menelaus pray like religious fanatics, like men who think that human sacrifice can win them a war. Transposed to a contemporary setting, this faith in the power of sacrifice is hard to believe in. They seem like fundamentalists, like zealots.

The first part of the play, the section retelling the story of the sacrifice of Iphigenia, looks most closely at religion and faith. The characters, either convinced that Iphigenia must be sacrificed into order to win the war or not, read signs from the gods in a way that suits their ends.

My life has been full of coincidence recently.

Orestia clytemnestra essays

Walking across the Millennium Bridge a couple of months ago, I bumped into a friend exactly in the middle — among the many millions I found him. But are these signs, or just coincidences? Ultimately it comes down to a leap of faith.

If you make that leap, these are signs; if not, they remain tantalising coincidences. It tries to do so much and actually, overwhelmingly, succeeds. Icke rewards the people who know anything about tragedy, but he also treats those who do not.

It comments on itself as being a Greek tragedy with little moments of meta-reflection, like drawing attention to the gaps in the extant texts. Masks are mentioned several times: Family is a big theme. I am hounded and I can remain no longer. The literal house of Atreus that comprises the set, which is sparse and cold at first, becomes lived in after three and a half hours.

A godless house, witness to the wicked butchery of kin, a human abattoir and drenched in blood. Is it ever justified — is it ever right — to kill? The Greeks argued this argument by twisting the bedtime stories that they knew back to front — the tales of the men from Troy — and using them as metaphors or mirrors to reflect on the thorny issues of contemporary society.

And now Icke holds that reflection up to another mirror, the mirror of our own modernity.

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This is the twisted retelling of a twisted retelling of an ancient, ancient myth.Justice and Gender in the Oresteia Justice and gender are put into relation with each other in Aeschylus’ vetconnexx.com this trilogy, Greek society is characterized as a patriarch, where the oldest male assumes the highest role of the oikos (household).

Oct 20,  · Clytemnestra is a fascinating character and this assessment has just scratched the surface, as I have only considered her portrayal in the Agamemnon. I hope to return to her in future and assess the character across the Oresteia, particularly in comparison to the representation in the Odyssey.

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