Lebron james vs kevin durant in

But with the true rise of Durant and the Thunder, it seems like a decent time to reexamine this question. Watching these playoffs, I have to say that my opinion has changed just a bit. Whereas before I would have said that LeBron was simply better, now I think my answer is that which one is better depends on the team around them.

Lebron james vs kevin durant in

His decision looks more prudent by the hour.

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Durant had a problem and he solved it, regardless of what anyone has ever said or will say. Durant has outmaneuvered James, a man who virtually never gets outmaneuvered.

Kevin Durant was my answer. He's one of the best players that I've ever played against, that this league has ever seen. Is there even an effective one to be made?

In effect, James' free agency began Wednesday night. The Cavs failed to make it a series, and now it is just about pride for the Cavs and the location of Golden State's postgame victory party. James will fight the good fight; he's perhaps the greatest performer in elimination games in NBA history.

But those trying to peel James away from his home -- teams that now know for sure that they won't have to compete with a title-winning Cavs team in free agency -- had better come up with a presentation that accounts for how James is going to reverse the reversal that Durant has engineered on him.

The same issue is in James' lap as he evaluates where he might elect to spend the final years of his career, where can he play that presents itself as the best option for him. The next month will be spent evaluating this, and right now, there isn't an easy answer.

The greatest rival in James' career had been Paul Pierce.

Lebron james vs kevin durant in

They battled each other in five playoff series, each inflicting painful losses on the other and stepping on the other on the way to a title. James became obsessed with beating the Celtics at one time -- one of the more emotional moments of his career was when he finally beat them.

Durant, though, is in the process of replacing Pierce. It's a different rivalry, true. The closest thing James ever had to a legit fight in the NBA happened in a hallway in Columbus, Ohio, after a preseason game in and the man he was going after was Pierce. It's different with James and Durant.

They've trained together in summers, played flag football together and, right now, are competing in a wonderful battle to be the biggest philanthropist in the league.

Watch video · LeBron James and Kevin Durant is the matchup of the NBA Finals. (Getty) In an era of position-less basketball, specific player matchups have become increasingly rare. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, a 3 time scoring champion hungry for his first Championship after coming up short in this past years finals against the Miami Heat, and of course the self proclaimed King, LeBron James the hype machine product who proved all the doubters wrong and went on a tear to get his first championship ring in Many say LeBron James, and it is very tough to argue against that, but so far this season, LeBron has some competition for that crown, and that is coming from Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant.

In January, they spent a night in a car together driving around James' hometown in Akron talking about their lives and their careers and the lessons they learned in a feature for "Uninterrupted. The best solution -- calling up free-agent-to-be Durant at the end of the series and asking him to join forces with him in someplace like Los Angeles -- seems to be off the table with Durant having finally achieved the higher ground.LeBron James is playing the Golden State Warriors as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time tonight.

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Unsurprisingly, tonight’s contest is being televised on ESPN. 8 days ago · NBA news: Surprise LeBron James and Lakers claim, Kawhi Leonard revelation, Kevin Durant NBA news - Express Sport brings you all the latest rumours and gossip coming out of the league.

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FreeDawkins . Durant and James are perennial MVP contenders in the NBA as well as in fantasy. Which player is the better pick for fantasy drafts? Our experts debate. When it comes to NBA player rivalries of today, LeBron James versus Kevin Durant is a real one and has the potential to grow into the best the league has seen since Magic versus Bird.

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