Kabab ji restaurant case study

Surrounded by national reserve forests and tea plantations, the view is stunning. Just 7 kilometers outside of Ooty town, this property is close to all the major tourist highlights but is secluded at the same time. You get the entire house to yourself, but share the garden and outdoors with other guests.

Kabab ji restaurant case study

This place is now known as Nankana Sahib. His birth in CE was at a time when Dharma was on the defensive. Though it was alive and vibrant in Vijayanagara, Odisha, and Assam, it was all but dead in the Punjab. Composed shabads in 19 ragas. Gave Mul Mantar of Sikh Dharma: Invested with yagnopavit, he did not wish to wear it, seeing outward symbols as less significant than inner worth.

Young Nanak showed signs of being spiritually enlightened even at a very young age, and is considered to be a jivanmukta.

Kabab ji restaurant case study

Nevertheless, his parents married him at age 16 to Sulakhni. Despite performing domestic duties as householder and also as a storekeeper, Nanak ji continued to meditate. After his wife gave birth to two sons, Srichand founder of the Udaasi sect and Lakhmi Das, he began the first of his travels Udaasi.

It was a message of unity in an age of bigotry. From there he began his travels, first throughout the Punjab then east to Bihar and Assam. After returning to Kartarpur to visit his family, he then went on his second Udaasi to the South.

He traveled incognito preach Naam, Daan, and Ishnaan devotion to God, service to humanity, and sincere action. From there he went up through the west coast into Gujarat and Sindh, and finally returned to rejoin his family for some months.

His third Udaasi took him through Kashmir and past the Himalayas. In Srinagar, he debated a Kashmiri Pandit, who was very proud of his learning. It had rather made him egoistic and failed to give him contentment. The grace of God does not agree with ego.

It is realised through spiritual discipline and humility. Contemplation on the word of God Nam Simran is essential for peace of mind and contentment. He even reach and climbed Mount Kailas Sumer Parbat. He met siddhas here, and also composed Bani, such as Sidh-Gosht.

Finally traveling through Kashmir and Jammu, he returned to the plains of the Punjab. His fourth, and most audacious Udaasi was to foreign lands.

He traveled to Karachi, before going to Mecca with Hajis to understand the birthplace of Islamic culture. In Afghanistan and the Western Indus, he gained many followers, who are now called Nanakpanthis.

From there he went through Peshawar, and finally returned home. What is interesting is on his way back, he met the Mughal Babar, who is said to have begged the Guru for forgiveness, in light of Mughal atrocities.

As such, fate has interlinked the history of the Sikh Gurus with this dynasty of invaders, from their tyrannical beginning, to its liberal but politicking middle, and ultimately facilitating their tyrannical end.

Another noteworthy point is Guru Nanak ji was accompanied on his journeys by a rabak player named Mardana, who is one of the Gursikhs. After he passed, he was replaced by his son Shahzada.India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.

Raiwena is an authentic historical rustic, organic private estate. A true oasis located in the hills of Emerald originally built in , surrounded by trees dating over + years with terraced gardens. -In case you are there in January, you can attend the Republic Day parade on 26th January.

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