Grunge paper texture

A Scrap Of Notebook Paper In this Photoshop tutorial we'll be creating a scrap of notepad paper like the ones you've probably seen used in popular websites and blogs. Throughout the lesson I'll also be discussing the things I take into consideration when preparing a graphic like this for the web. My file size is xpx at 72ppi for those of you following along at home. With the new document open, click on the foreground swatch in the Tools palette to bring up the color picker.

Grunge paper texture

Do you sharpen just about all your images?

Grunge paper texture

If so … you should stop. As photographers we tend to want our images to be perfect: Let me clue you in. What if you let yourself get a little messy?

Maybe not full-blown grunge. Think of some of your favorite shots. But instead of imagining your photos all printed pretty and perfect, imagine them layered-in and composited with other images and rendered as a painted canvas. Think paint on canvas. Not that you need to simply run a paint filter on your photos.

Think instead of paint on a canvas in the sense of a wild-eyed painter with oil paint in his hair, brushes sticking out of his pockets and one clenched between his teeth — attacking a canvas in a frenzy of creativity and passion.

When was the last time you approached your photography with that kind of intensity? When was the last time you let yourself step outside of your serious photographer role and actually felt like an ARTIST creating a great canvas?

Li Li Grunge paper texture course student That kind of artistry is in you. You might already have some shots that you would otherwise delete out of hand just because they are blurred or the contrast is screwy. Give those a second look. Maybe you could crop them in a creative way.

For that matter, try shooting some subjects outside of your usual comfort zone. Take a walk down a dark alley or a woodland trail and see what you come out with.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Take some chances for your art. Give it a try and see. I recommend memorizing the keyboard short cuts for those so you can toggle through them quickly and pick the best.

You might also want to stick a Layer Mask on there and paint in precisely where you want that effect to show. Every image is different, and layer Blend Modes can create rich results. I recommend also trying out some textures combined with Blend Modes and Layer Masks. A texture or overlay might be as simple as a photo of a grungy patch of concrete, or it might be a scanned watercolor wash.

When you decide to explore photo-artistry, you begin collecting a lot of these kinds of textures and overlays. But whatever you use, you drop it in over the image and give it a Blend Mode; again, you might tweak the opacity or employ a Layer Mask. Already your image is likely looking more dramatic and artistic.

You might already find yourself astonished; discovering something in the image you never quite knew was there until this moment. All you can do is try a few things and see if one of them looks especially cool. Go back in with the Brush Tool to paint over the Layer Mask at a low opacity and, in essence, paint in the lighting where you want it.

Here you are painting in where you want light. But you can do something very similar with any of the effects in the Filter Gallery. Run a filter from the Filter Gallery on that layer. Go ahead and try out one or more of the painting filters, but experiment with the others as well, and how they interact.

After you apply the filter to your duplicate layer, stick a Layer Mask on it and again use a black or white soft-edge brush at low opacity to paint the effect in or out as you like.

Try masking out the effect a bit in the areas of greatest focus, leaving everything on the edges more enhanced.65 Absolutely Essential Grunge Design Resources By Liam McKay / on November 11th, / in Design, Featured, Roundups, Tips.

Here’s my run down of the essential tips, tricks and tools you’ll need to get started with adding grunge or retro design elements into your work.

Grunge paper texture

It’s time for another high resolution texture time it’s all about grunge paper textures taken from old books. As a bonus there’s even a nice book cover texture for you to download.

Due to the enormous size (about 7MB each) of the textures I will not offer a single zip file containing all the images. Abstract background with a watercolor texture. Download thousands of free vectors on Freepik, the finder with more than a million free graphic resources. is a website that offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. Sign up for free and download 15 free images every day! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love free stuff.

Well I love it, and I enjoy sharing my free resources with you. Ever since I read BittBox’s tutorial on how to make awesome grungy paper textures I wanted to do it myself. Finally I found the time to play with it. One of th emost commonly use dtexture resources is the paper texture effect, many designers including me like this texture and use it in many projects such as game design, old paper effect and some digital painting in Photoshop effects. Customer reviews: Moda Grunge Vanilla Fabric By The Yard