Foreign scientists and their contributions

Perhaps the most famous physicist of all time, is one Albert Einstein.

Foreign scientists and their contributions

Anonymous answered Arturo Alcaraz. Doctor Arturo Alcaraz is a volcanologist specializing in geothermal energy development. InArturo Alcaraz and team powered an electric light bulb using steam-powered electricity.

Power coming from a Volcano near the town of Tiwi. This was the first geothermal power generated in the Philippines.

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Benjamin Almeda designed a food-processing machine. InBenjamin Almeda founded the Almeda Cottage Industry now the Almedah Food Machineries Corporation which manufactured his basic food processing inventions including his rice grinder, meat grinder and coconut grater. Filipino chemist, Julian Banzon researched methods of producing alternative fuels.

Foreign scientists and their contributions

Julian Banzon experimented with the production of ethyl esters fuels from sugarcane and coconut, and invented a means of extracting residual coconut oil by a chemical process rather than a physical process. Ramon Barba invented practical flower induction treatments.

Filipino scientist, Ramon Barba is best known for his advancements in mango farming research and tropical tree physiology. Ramon Barba invented techniques to promote crop flowering using a potassium nitrate spray. The Philippines is a leading exporter of mangoes and mango products.

Agronomy Fruits University of the Philippines - and M. Horticulture, University of Georgia - Benjamin Cabrera. Doctor Benjamin Cabrera has developed innovations in drug treatments against diseases caused by mosquitoes and agricultural soil. Doctor Benjamin Cabrera has written more than a hundred scientific publications on medical parasitology and public health - in particle research on filariasis.

Foreign scientists and their contributions

At the University of the Philippines and -M. Filipino scientist, Paulo Campos built the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.

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Doctor Paulo Campos is a specialist in nuclear medicine and the award winning writer of over seventy-five scientific papers including:One of his greatest contributions was the fact that he was the first to conceptualize space as having depth.

Pythagoras ( B.C., Ionian) was a mathematician who put forward the idea that the universe is made of crystal spheres that encircle the Earth. Amedeo Avogadro He is most noted for his contributions to molecular theory, including what is known as Avogadros law.

In tribute to him, the number of elementary entities (atoms, molecules, ions or other particles) in 1 mole of a substance, (30) ×, is known as the Avogadro constant.

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Filipino Scientist and their Contribution in Biology Karaoke Inventor Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino is claiming the right for the invention of the Sing-Along-System (SAS) that eventually led to the development of Karaoke, a Japanese term for "singing without accompaniment".

Jun 15,  · A biologist is a scientist devoted to and producing results in biology through the study of organisms. Typically biologists study organisms and their relationship to their Resolved. Picture source. Born on December 22, in Tamil Nadu, Ramanujam was an Indian mathematician and autodidact who, with almost no formal training in pure mathematics, made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions.

Famous Filipino Biologists and their Contributions Bienvenido O. Juliano National Scientist who focused on the properties of starch and protein in relation to rice grain quality.

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