Does parenting affect childrens eating and

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Does parenting affect childrens eating and

A literature review was conducted between October and January Studies published before January that assessed the association between some combination of parenting, child eating and child weight variables were included.

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A total of 66 articles met the inclusion criteria. The preponderance of these studies focused on the association between parenting and child eating. Although there was substantial experimental evidence for the influence of parenting practices, such as pressure, restriction, modeling and availability, on child eating, the majority of the evidence for the association between parenting and child weight, or the mediation of this association by child eating, was cross-sectional.

To date, there is substantial causal evidence that parenting affects child eating and there is much correlational evidence that child eating and weight influence parenting.

There are few studies, however, that have used appropriate meditational designs to provide causal evidence for the indirect effect of parenting on weight status via effects on child eating. A new approach is suggested for evaluating the effectiveness of intervention components and creating optimized intervention programs using a multiphase research design.

Adoption of approaches such as the Multiphase Optimization Strategy MOST is necessary to provide the mechanistic evidence-base needed for the design and implementation of effective childhood obesity prevention programs.

These rates are highest in developed countries and the Americas, in particular the United States, are at the top of prevalence rankings.

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For example, between andoverweight in U.The popular belief that healthy eating starts at home and that parents' dietary choices help children establish their nutritional beliefs and behaviors may need rethinking, according to a new. Thus, the current evidence for an association between parenting and child weight, taken alone, does not provide sufficient support for a causal influence of parenting practices on child weight, but combined with the strong experimental evidence for an impact of parenting practices on child eating suggests that parenting practices do affect child weight through the impact of parenting practices on child eating.

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Does parenting affect childrens eating and

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