Concentration of mind in marathi

In fact they are in continual flux, appearing and passing away faster than lightning flashes. Under ordinary circumstances we're unable to perceive this flux. But it's possible, by practicing insight meditation, to train our minds to see it.

Concentration of mind in marathi

And by His power He is causing, in this manifestation, birth, growth, and dissolution of all beings and things. He is also transcendent as pure spirit.

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Your body is one of His expressions. Your activity has its inception in the infinite power of God. Don't be deluded by a desire to behold things which are conditioned and momentary-mere phantoms of your mind.

Have the true longing to realize your immortal nature and your union with the omnipotent and omnipresent God, who is the supreme Lord of the universe. Ramdas, philosophe et mystique hindou, Hinduism Source: God-vision is nothing but to realize and feel His presence within yourself and everywhere about you, because God is an all-prevailing spirit, permeating the entire universe.

The manifested worlds are not different from Him, since they are but His own expression in terms of name and form. Be reconciled to the lot that God has chosen for you. Be tolerant and patient.

Concentration of mind in marathi

Above all, be humble, kind and forgiving towards all in your office-nay towards all in the world. With a mind whose passions are uncontrolled, wherever you may go, you can never know peace. You will then be only ceaselessly fighting with the world and find no haven of rest and contentment.

Surrender to the will of almighty God. Humble yourself before Him and extend your love and sympathy towards all beings. Ramdas from his own experience can boldly assert that there is God. Until you yourself get the experience, it is natural that you should deny Him.

Everything is Brahman, but this has to be realized; merely saying that you are Brahman cannot make you realize the truth. You ought to experience that state, rising above all sense of duality by freeing your mind from illusion.

Your 'I' should no longer be the local, narrow individual 'I' but the universal, eternal and absolute 'I'. To realize this ineffable, perfect state, sadbana is necessary.Whereas the first two types of mental activity are, by and large, disposed of through the technique of sensory inhibition and concentration, the conceptualizing or imaginative aspect of the mind, as,well as sleep, are gradually brought under control through the meditative process.

Concentration is attained by fixing the attention on the sound of the Name. As the mind is concentrated, there must follow meditation upon the glorious attributes of God.

Continuous practice of utterance of the Name and meditation stops the restlessness of the mind and merges it . mind will be directed to bring about the desired result.

Here I may refer to the feat of memory, practised by the Hindu Yogins, under the name of concentration on one hundred things. Oct 26,  · A. Absence of development of new impressions: As long as chanting is going on it prevents the development of new impressions about other things on the subconscious mind.

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Chanting The Lord’s Name is perhaps the best way in the wakeful state to prevent the occurrence of new impressions in the subconscious mind.

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