Character analysis of phil connors in groundhog day a movie by harold ramis

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Character analysis of phil connors in groundhog day a movie by harold ramis

For the uninitiated, Groundhog Day or The Black Hole of Love as it is translated in Brazil is the story of cynical weatherman Phil Connors, and the almost endless time loop cycle he goes through repeating the same day over and over again.

Through his attempts to break free of this cycle, he learns more about love, life and humility. Christian, Buddhist, Jewish or Cylon. All of this clearly builds up Phil Connors as a hero, right? The traditional hero of myth is one who is called upon, endures trials and sacrifice, and emerges mostly victorious in the end.

Phil goes through all of these things in his time loop, even death 11 deaths, preciselysolidifying him as a hero archetype. At the end of the film he has broken free of his prison of repeating days by changing from selfish to selfless.

But is he really redeemed?

Character analysis of phil connors in groundhog day a movie by harold ramis

Has he really changed for the better? My simple answer is no, but my real answer is longer, more complex and for me much more fun. Shortly into the time loop, Phil starts playing his knowledge of future events to his advantage, which is very villain-like behavior similar to Biff Tannen from Back to the Future Part II, on a smaller scale.

He uses this edge to achieve money, sex and temporary cures to his seemingly eternal boredom. This is the obvious answer which Groundhog Day freely provides as the resolution; therefore it is the answer that I reject. I submit to you that Phil Connors is neither hero nor villain, but has become something else entirely.

This man is a genius. What if through his growing knowledge of culture and the predictability of the repeating Groundhog Day, Phil became more than human?

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Like Loki in Thor, Phil spends much of the time loop just screwing with people. He steals money from the bank, he leads the cops on a wild car chase and he tricks a woman into sleeping with him; the world or at least the town is his playground.

There is no tomorrow, so there are no consequences. No one remembers what he has done, except perhaps the bartender. Being a weatherman, Phil Connors is a man of science, predicting meteorological patterns.

Perhaps there came a point in the time loop where he simply became curious to see the butterfly effect of how people and events will react with the slightest change.

Probably, but it is still pretty awesome. He is a near-omnipotent higher being who sees most outcomes See also: Phil is a genie genius in a bottle, trying to figure the best way to escape.

So instead of saying that Phil is a changed man and is therefore rewarded with freedom, I subscribe to him being a powerful entity that is trying to break free.

Using his deductive skills and endless experience, he breaks the cycle by figuring out exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.

He alters the circumstances in just the right way where he is released from his time loop prison. In this case, that means being a good person and helping others.


But has he changed? I say to you again dear reader, he has not.In the movie Groundhog Day, Phil the Weatherman is a proven disciple of Egoistic Hedonism whereby “An action is right if and only if it results in the greatest pleasure for the agent” Worrell 2 (Epicurus, B.C.); his entire life's philosophy is then challenged through awaking to the same exact day and course of events, restarting at.

Feb 02,  · Such is life for Bill Murray's character in "Groundhog Day," Harold Ramis' classic comedy about a sarcastic Pittsburgh weatherman . Feb 12,  · Watch video · Groundhog Official: See full cast» Edit How long does Phil keep repeating Groundhog Day?

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Q: How does the movie end? Q: Is 'Groundhog Day' based on a book?

Character analysis of phil connors in groundhog day a movie by harold ramis

If there is any film to serve as a fitting memorial for Harold Ramis, it must be "Groundhog Day." A totally perfect script, perfectly executed. He hit it right, 8/10(K). After watching the film Groundhog Day, Phil Connors character went through a major revolution. Phil Connors is forced to relive the same day over and over.

While on this philosophical journey the choices that he will make will represent the morals that are reflected in Plato Republic. “Groundhog Day” opened in theaters 20 years ago, and was greeted by much head-scratching, even among Bill Murray fans.

This was not a movie about Murray and his rodent nemesis from. GROUNDHOG DAY MOVIE: We LOVE Groundhog Day (and of course, Bill Murray's Groundhog Day movie) because, like you, we know its a state-of-mind. Its a place where we can celebrate a shadow, act cheesy, laugh, & enjoy simple things.

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