A report on tsings friction essay

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A report on tsings friction essay

Thinking through water in the mountainous enclave-state of Lesotho gives the lie to our familiar metaphors. It raises the question: What if instead A report on tsings friction essay moving, connecting, and sustaining, water were a source of disjuncture, contradiction, and death?

I research the landscape-making practices that surround a large hydroelectric and water export scheme called the Lesotho Highlands Water Project LHWP —practices that range from livestock keeping, to land rehabilitation works, to the discursive production of Lesotho as a resource frontier for water Tsing The past few decades since the Project began have witnessed the emergence of a new discourse about water in Lesotho: Yet, water in Lesotho is also contradictory, fractured, and dangerous, qualities that ordinary people are painfully aware of.

I consider briefly two cases below that elucidate this counter-narrative: This depiction conjures images of two actors — Lesotho and South Africa — entering into a mutually beneficial exchange: Lesotho has an excess of water supply and South Africa has a demand.

Of course, there is no such equal footing. The Project instead stands as an example of a long history of South African domination of Lesotho, from the days of Apartheid up to the present.

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The South African government had been interested in developing a water project in Lesotho since the earlyth century but negotiations between the two countries hit a wall in the s, when then-Prime Minister of Lesotho Leabua Jonathan reversed his previously friendly posture toward the Apartheid regime in an effort to secure increased aid from Western countries that were antagonistic toward South African Apartheid.

Jonathan was overthrown in a coup that many believe was sponsored by South Africa.

A report on tsings friction essay

When violence broke out in Maseru after disputed Parliamentary elections inSouth African troops entered Lesotho to restore order and immediately sent a contingent to the Katse Dam, where they killed 13 Lesotho Defence Force LDF soldiers as they scrambled out of their barracks in confusion.

A memorial near Katse Dam for LDF soldiers killed there in The political and economic imbalance between the two countries is not lost on people in Lesotho, who are quick to point out that even as Lesotho sells its water to South Africa, many thousands of its people go without reliable access to drinking water.

Many thousands of hectares of agricultural land lack irrigation infrastructure that could alleviate the regular and devastating effects of drought. Ultimately, the benefits and burdens of this water project are split along class lines: It is organized around concerns regarding a particular modality of water: Rains in Lesotho are a source of longing and frustration.

In the expansive mountain landscapes where my research is based, the rain seems always elsewhere: Snow falls on distant peaks but never those nearby.

A report on tsings friction essay

While small-talking about the drought with an elderly woman who lives up the valley from me, I pointed out that there was a short rain-shower the previous evening. Sadly, the past two decades have also seen more frequent droughts, punctuated by short, violent storms.

These storms fall on landscapes that are thoroughly de-vegetated by livestock desperate for forage, their rains peeling off precious topsoil and depositing it downslope.

The storms cut gullies into croplands and digs ruts across roadways. Year after year, reforms to land use management are proposed by foreign donor organizations and the government, yet few people here report that management failures are responsible for soil erosion or poor range condition — it is the rains.

A reinforced river bank collapses in a December storm, partially washing away a graveyard Contradiction, Disjuncture, Death Water in Lesotho is not merely the productive, connective force that conventional water metaphors would have us believe.

It is also a stumbling block, reminding people here of the contradictions and complications of life in Lesotho.

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It is not an index of the continuity of human being and time, etched into our very language as Gaston Bachelard []: It is not the materialization of purity, but rather of knotty entanglements with soils, vegetation, livestock, and regional political economic forces.

In the late October Spring, as I write, even the river in Lesotho—even the river, that figure of movement and continual change, into which no one can ever step twice—is a dry bed of sand and rock.A Report on Tsing’s Friction Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s book Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection begins with a rough overview of the global patterns and schemes in communication through a critical exploration of the more general premise of global connections present everywhere.

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